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Now available on the App Store! Coming soon to Android.

Kayak Kingdom

Kayak Kingdom is an action packed game for you to enjoy. You are in tropical paradise. Warm sun, pristine beaches, amazing jungle. This tropical paradise is everything a dream holiday should be made of. Throw flares, use rockets, jump and paddle your way to safety in this thrilling game. However, everything is not as it seems. Gradually getting harder, every level will test you. Do you have what it takes to escape the Kayak Kingdom?

Now available on the App Store! Coming soon to Android.

Boom Brains

A zombie outbreak has devastated the population. Trapped amongst the rubble are survivors, crucial for the future of humankind – and it’s your job to save them. But it won’t be easy. Use your wits, patience and skill to throw brains, set traps and destroy zombies before they get to the last survivors. If you manage this, humanity will be saved…

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